Sunday January 21, 2018

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The following checklist describes the minimum requirements for the approval of a Certificate of Occupancy by the Fire Marshal’s Office. Please ensure that all applicable items have been completed prior to the time of the Use and Occupancy inspection. The applicant is responsible for arranging all required inspections. The Fire Marshal> may require additional items to be addressed based on the conditions found at the time of the inspection.

Minimum Requirements for Use and Occupancy Certificate

  • Proof that existing fire suppression and alarm/detection systems have been maintained and tested within the timeframe required within the applicable NFPA standard.
  • Fire extinguishers properly located and maintained. (Inspected within the last 12 months)
  • Proper fire resistance rating maintained at all fire rated assemblies.
  • All required exit signs and emergency means of egress lighting provided, tested and operating properly.
  • Proper clearance from combustibles provided at all electrical and mechanical equipment.
  • Proper commodity storage, i.e. height limitations, racking, clearance to sprinkler heads, clear isles.
  • Clear means of egress throughout the facility.
  • Street address clearly visible from the street.
  • A Fire Department key box installed at the facility.
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