Sunday January 21, 2018

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How much is the EIT for Hatfield Township?


How much is the Local Service Tax (LST) for Hatfield Township?

$52/year ($1/week)

What company handles the collection of EIT & LST?

Berheimer & Associates,

Who handles my real estate taxes?

All Real Estate Taxes are collect by our elected tax collector, Christina Murphy. Township and County tax bills are sent out in the beginning of February, and the face value is due by the end of May. School Tax bills are sent out in July and the face value is due by October 31.

Christina Murphy lives on Lenhart Road just off Cowpath Rd and very near the Hatfield train station. Her business hours are listed on the tax bill. Her phone number is 215-393-1781. Any real estate tax questions should be referred to Christina as she has all the records in her office.

What is the tax rate for Hatfield Township?

Please visit the Taxes section of our site for updated information.


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