Sunday January 21, 2018

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environThe Environmental Advisory Council supports the township's environmental interests by cataloging known unique natural, scenic, historic, and archaeological resources; inventorying township streams, woods, and wetlands; and enhancing community involvement in community environmental projects.

One example of their community involvement is Hatfield Township's annual Earth Day. Just months after forming in 1999, the Council rallied many businesses and other volunteers to develop Hatfield Township's first Earth Day in April 2000.

For more information and resources about environmental activities and issues in Hatfield, please see our Earth Friendly page.

To get involved and find out more contact the EAC at


Environmental Advisory Council Important Information

Relevant Environment Ordinances


Environmental Advisory Council Members

Jim O'Byrne, Chair  
James Bingley  
James Bleakly Jr.  
Charles Hyndman  
Bob Lanouette  
Eric Wert  
Henry Zadell  
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