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Updated September 16, 2015:

Orvilla Road is owned and maintained by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through the Department of Transportation (PennDOT).

According to PennDOT, the bids for repairing Orvilla Bridge were opened at the end of August and subsequently awarded in early September with a notice to proceed to construction in October.

The contract states that the project must be completed by April 2016. We are told by PennDOT that it hopes to have the contractor complete the masonry work prior to the end of the calendar year.

A pre-construction meeting is currently being scheduled and the Township will be invited to attend.

Information will be shared as it is received.

PennDOT thanks you for your patience.



Original Story, Published March 17, 2015:

BridgeClosedThe bridge on Orvilla Road just west of Route 309 was closed by PennDot on March 16th, 2015 due to recently observed structural damage. The immediacy of this action shows how critical the situation had become. Although the closure has created some confusion with the motoring public and the residents in the area, this action was taken in the best interest of public safety. The Staff of Hatfield Township will be working with PennDot to insure that improved signage and a detour plan is in place as soon as possible.

CLICK HERE to read the PennDOT Press Release


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