Thursday September 03, 2015

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Heads turned as she entered the pool dressed in a blue and yellow bikini.  Oblivious to the attention, she was fixated on one thing and one thing only: a bright yellow tennis ball floating nearby. Edging out a Boxer, a Labrador and a Pug, the fashionably-dressed canine claimed her prize, and with that, The Hatfield Aquatic Center, for the first time in its history, literally went to the dogs.

Held on Sunday, September 16th  from 5 to 7 PM, the Aquatic Center opened its “fun” pool for “Dog Splash,” an event allowing dogs and their owners to enjoy some quality time in an otherwise unconventional environment. The Hatfield Aquatic Center extended its hours beyond the Labor Day holiday and culminated the season by hosting the event, which was a benefit for the Aquatic Center and animal service organizations.

Andrew Haines, Township Manager, stated “It was a wonderful opportunity to expand the use of the facility for a great cause.” With approximately 50 dogs participating, the event raised over $1,000, a portion of which will be donated to the Montgomery County SPCA. Additionally Haines stated, “The success of the event has inspired staff to develop plans for a larger event in 2013.”  Check out SwimHatfield to keep informed of events and opportunities at the Hatfield Township Aquatic Center.

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Dog Splash! 2012

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