Tuesday December 12, 2017

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Many residents are waking up to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and Hatfield Township staff received numerous inquiries.  The following FAQs should help with the most frequently asked.

Q: I do not have power, who do I contact?

A: Hatfield Township residents have either PP&L or PECO as their service provider. 


Q: I have personal property damage, can the Township help me? 


A: Private claims are between the homeowner and their insurance carrier, however if you experienced structural damage please contact Fire Marshal, Mike Waldron, directly at mwaldron@hatfield-township.org  There may be disaster funding available after the storm.


Q: One of my trees fell in my yard, who will take care of it? 

A: The homeowner is responsible to privately contract, if necessary, with a tree service to remove downed trees on their property.  Hatfield Township Public Works staff members have addressed trees during the storm, but only to remove from the roadway.  The Township will not remove fallen trees from private property.


Q: I have small branch debris in my yard after the storm, not a whole tree, where can I take them? 

A: There are several options for the homeowner to address small branches from the storm:

  • The annual curbside branch pick up is scheduled for the week of November 5th - program guidelines can be found HERE
  • Hatfield Township Public Works staff will have additional Saturday drop-off dates in November to respond to the storm.  Those dates are:
    • Saturday, November 3rd: 8am - 12:00pm
    • Saturday, November 10th: 8am - 12:00pm
    • Saturday, November 17th: 8am - 12:00pm (regularly scheduled 3rd Saturday)

Resident are responsible to bring the branches to the Public Works Facility, 2590 Unionville Pike - MAP 


Q: There is general debris in my yard, or my personal item has been broken, who will clean it up? 

A: It is the responsibility of the homeowner to clean up any debris on their property, or debris that resulted from items at their property.  For example, a broken basketball pole, now scattered in the street, should be cleaned up by the owner of the basketball pole.  The good-neighbor thing to do would include offering to clean debris from a neighbor's yard that originated from your property. Homeowners will need to coordinate with their private trash hauler to make arrangements to remove larger debris items. 


 Q: There is a down utility wire on my property, or wrapped around my tree, what should i do? 

A: Stay away!  It is unsafe to try to address this situation.  Be patient and allow the utility companies time to repair the situation properly and without harm.  See the first question above to obtain contact information for the respective electric companies. 


Q: Is my water safe to drink? 

A: Most Hatfield Township residents have municipal water through North Penn Water Authority (NPWA) and have no limitations for use or consumption during power outages or post Hurricane Sandy.  If you are the rare few people on well-water in the township, then you may need to assess your water quality.  There was limited to no flooding within Hatfield Township and wells would have low exposure to contaminates vs. high flood water events. 

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